I Finally Bake the Ultimate Banana Bread: Freezing the Bananas is my Nifty Trick

ultimate banana bread

ultimate banana bread

Bananas are not my favourite fruit. That is, eaten raw.

The window of opportunity for eating a raw banana that’s just at the right moment of ripeness – smooth yet ever so slightly al dente in texture with the hint of sweetness and a slightly sour under-taste – is so narrow that I’ve pretty well given up.

Delectable Butter Tarts from Wilkie’s in Cottage Country Take the Cake

Orillia's Famous Butter Tart Bakery

Orillia’s Famous Butter Tart Bakery

I’ve been meaning to make the trip to Orillia – a place you can’t miss about an hour’s drive north of Toronto en route to Muskoka’s cottage country – for many years.

The reason, of course, is food – in this case, one of my absolute favourites: butter tarts.

Peach Galette – Finally Got it!

peach galette

When I get obsessed with a recipe, it pervades my waking and sleeping hours.

Of late, it’s been peach galette, how much ground almonds to use in the layer below the peaches, what oven temperature, how long to bake – the list goes on. Then comes the testing and re-testing until Ross and I are  eating the dessert daily and the freezer is full of  various renditions, all clearly labelled.