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Joanne Yolles and I Get to the Core of the Matter and Bake the Ultimate Tarte Tatin

joanne yolles and tarte tatin

listen-to-the-podcastThis appeared in my col­umn “Dish” in the Toronto Star in 2004. 

I baked my first Tarte Tatin late last fall.

I had come across the recipe in Kitchen Wis­dom (Knopf, $29.95), Julia Child’s lat­est cook­book and a nifty, com­pact col­lec­tion of her favourite recipes.

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Two Fall Fruit Desserts: More Proof that Sweet-and-Simple Takes the Cake

Joanne Yolles’s Delec­table Plum Tart Is A Winner!

Joanne Yolles has long been my col­league, friend and bak­ing buddy.

More proof that Julia Child’s advice to young peo­ple works: “Get into the food busi­ness and you’ll be part of one big fam­ily.”

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I go ape over Monkey Bread

I thought one addic­tion to a Wanda’s Pie in the Sky con­fec­tion was quite enough. I speak here of the Dulce de Leche Mac­a­roons jok­ingly dubbed “crack cook­ies” by the baker-in-chief her­self Wanda Beaver. These yummy lit­tle cre­ations (dusted with a white pow­der that is, in fact, icing sugar) con­sist of a rich brown, delec­tably chewy exte­rior that encases an oozy fill­ing of lus­cious caramel.

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Apple Crumble — crisp, crunchy and delish!

Just a reminder that apple sea­son is upon us and that my recipe for crum­ble made with this sen­sa­tional, now-in-season fruit is on this site’s recipe page.

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A Prize Pudding — Sticky and Sweet

In a col­umn about famous and infa­mous recipe mis­takes that I wrote for the Toronto Star in 2008, I con­fessed to not being happy with the Sticky Tof­fee Pud­ding in my lat­est book: Dish. Here is the amaz­ing ver­sion I came up with after that con­fes­sion, with help from top Toronto pas­try chef and good friend Joanne Yolles. It is def­i­nitely a win­ner.

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This is how the rhubarb crumbles

Spring is rhubarb sea­son and time for me to bake as many crum­bles as is humanly pos­si­ble — the best way I know to wow guests with its won­drous con­trast of taste and tex­ture.
This recipe is in my book Dish using apples (delec­tably tart North­ern Spys are ideal) which you can, of course, sub­sti­tute. Add cran­ber­ries and/or a lit­tle lemon juice to them for a tangy touch, if desired.
The top­ping is cookie-like and adds the per­fect caramelized, crunchy crown to the fruit. I can’t claim this is orig­i­nal — I found it in tal­ented pas­try chef Regan Daley’s book The Sweet Kitchen.
I use a rec­tan­gu­lar 10 x 7-inch ceramic bak­ing dish about 3 inches deep.
You will thank me for this so, in advance, you’re wel­come!

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