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Save Kensington Market: The Battle is on for my Neighbourhood’s Heart and Soul

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Kens­ing­ton Mar­ket: my neigh­bour­hood, my fam­ily – my first real home.

listen-to-the-podcastLocated in the heart of down­town Toronto bor­dered by Col­lege and Dun­das to the north and south, to the east and west by Spad­ina and Bathurst, this unique enclave is a quirky, edgy, messy mish-mosh of old and new.

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End of an Era: European Quality Meats Closes in Kensington Market after 53 Years

I remem­ber the day I was strolling through Kens­ing­ton Mar­ket in the heart of down­town Toronto and real­ized that, for the first time in my life, I’d found that place called “home”.

It was the late-‘70s and, a divorced sin­gle mum of a young daugh­ter Esther (now 40 years old, mar­ried and a suc­cess­ful ther­a­pist liv­ing in B.C.), my career as a food writer was ger­mi­nat­ing.  I was also learn­ing some hard life lessons. While deal­ing with a lot of painful change, I was about to find my call­ing.

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Cooking up a Storm with the Help of my Kitchen Sisters

For some rea­son — prob­a­bly as an anti­dote to stress, this being the onset of that silly sea­son — I’ve been cook­ing a lot of late, in par­tic­u­lar try­ing new recipes from books by my Toronto foodie friends.

If you’ve read the pre­vi­ous blog — my tragic tale of the miss­ing cook­books — you’ll under­stand why the tomes in ques­tion are dear to my heart.

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Avocado and Cactus in Kensington

Mex­i­can chef Fran­cisco Ale­jan­dri at his eatery Agave y Agua­cate in Kens­ing­ton Market.

I don’t need another rea­son to rave about my favourite Toronto ‘nabe and long­time home: feisty, gritty and never-dull Kens­ing­ton Mar­ket. But hey, now I have one.

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Pomegranate Seeds and Other Salad Secrets

I know the name Ruby Watchco keeps pop­ping up in this blog — and it’s for good reason.

The meal Ross and I enjoyed there one Sat­ur­day night a cou­ple of months ago was sim­ply stel­lar, “sim­ply” being the oper­a­tive word. The uncom­pli­cated, vibrant flavour and tex­ture com­bos of each and every dish from the sen­sa­tional salad with still warm but­ter­milk bis­cuits to a won­drous baked apple bathed in silky sabayon were all that good food should be.

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Ant, Andrew and I make waves on radio food show

Yes­ter­day, Andrew Cop­polino, host of The Food Show that airs on Sun­days from noon to 1 pm on Kitch­ener radio sta­tion 570 News, warned lis­ten­ers that things were about to get wild, wacky and weird when he intro­duced me and Antony John.

(Lis­ten or down­load here. Warn­ing: there is about 20 sec­onds of dead air at the begin­ning of the record­ing.)

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Ross’s Chili is hot stuff

Read­ers of this blog will have noticed that a man called Ross has crept into recent entries.

Since I am about to intro­duce him prop­erly — and to share his excel­lent recipe for chili — I’ll spill the beans.

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I go ape over Monkey Bread

I thought one addic­tion to a Wanda’s Pie in the Sky con­fec­tion was quite enough. I speak here of the Dulce de Leche Mac­a­roons jok­ingly dubbed “crack cook­ies” by the baker-in-chief her­self Wanda Beaver. These yummy lit­tle cre­ations (dusted with a white pow­der that is, in fact, icing sugar) con­sist of a rich brown, delec­tably chewy exte­rior that encases an oozy fill­ing of lus­cious caramel.

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Noshing in my old nabe

It’s been two months and I’m grad­u­ally set­tling into my new home located in my old neigh­bour­hood: down­town Toronto’s best village-within-a-city, Kens­ing­ton Mar­ket. (By the way, this down­sized ver­sion of my for­mer Kens­ing­ton house looks, said a friend recently on star­ing speech­less at my chandelier/mirror/and cherub-bedecked liv­ing room, “a lot like New Orleans.”)

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Moveable feasts — and nature is not for me

This sum­mer, I finally made the move back to Toronto after giv­ing Strat­ford, Ont., — the well-known rural home of Shake­speare, swine and swans — the five-year col­lege try.

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