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Hail kale in stupendous Stumpot!

This recipe has truly changed my life. It comes from my friend Jan Van Stralen who grew up on a farm in south-west Ontario in a fam­ily of Dutch her­itage. The lat­ter explains the name of this trusty dish: Borenkol Stumpot.
It’s basi­cally steamed kale mixed with mashed pota­toes — a bril­liant idea that com­bines the strong flavour of that nutty, chewy, nutrient-packed green veg­etable (I pre­fer the milder black kale to the usual and more bit­ter green ver­sion) with the lus­cious creami­ness and mild taste of spuds.
I now serve this at din­ner par­ties with braised meat, steak, stew, roast chicken etc. etc.
Here’s how you make it.
Wash, slice and steam kale (or sim­mer in a small amount of water) for about 10 min­utes. Mean­while, boil, then mash about 6 medium pota­toes with hot milk, but­ter and salt. (Instead of mash­ing, you can cream spuds with an elec­tric mixer).
Com­bine kale and pota­toes and serve — to rave reviews!

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A Prize Pudding — Sticky and Sweet

In a col­umn about famous and infa­mous recipe mis­takes that I wrote for the Toronto Star in 2008, I con­fessed to not being happy with the Sticky Tof­fee Pud­ding in my lat­est book: Dish. Here is the amaz­ing ver­sion I came up with after that con­fes­sion, with help from top Toronto pas­try chef and good friend Joanne Yolles. It is def­i­nitely a win­ner.

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