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Thank You Tracy and Barbara, Great Green Soup is a Delectable Winner

great green soup


The late Amer­i­can cook­book author, ele­gant lady and wise woman Mar­ion Cun­ning­ham once told me that she reck­oned there are only 50 great recipes in the world. That has stuck in my mind though it was many moons ago.

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Ratatouille: A Delectable, Colourful Mélange of Vegetables That’s Wondrous Made My Way

I cut veg­gies in big chunks for this great sum­mer or fall dish — a per­fect mar­riage of taste and tex­ture.

“The secret of a good rata­touille is to cook the veg­eta­bles sep­a­rately so each will taste truly of itself.”
– Joel Robuchon

I rel­ish these wise words from one of the most renowned chefs in the world. And I humbly endorse them.

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The Butter Tart: A Delectable Canadian Culinary Icon and the Topic of Hot Debate

butter tarts on white plate

This much is clear. The iconic but­ter tart is every­thing a dessert should be.

It is more proof that noth­ing suc­ceeds like excess. It com­mits unabashedly to over-the-top, tooth-aching, sug­ary sweet­ness. Julia Child would heartily endorse its endorse­ment of but­ter. It pays no heed to the cur­rently pop­u­lar culi­nary buzz­word “health­ful.” In a nut­shell, it lives up to all the pre­req­ui­sites of its much-loved con­fec­tionery genre.

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Nanny and Child Reunion: My Dear Evelyn and I Find Each Other After 50 Years

evelyn x 2 plus marion

L — Eve­lyn in Mon­treal ca 1947 R — Eve­lyn and me in Mor­ris­burg ca 2011

This appeared as my col­umn in the Toronto Star on June 25, 2005.

listen-to-the-podcastEve­lyn Smail has been dri­ving her aging, slightly rick­ety Ford sedan slowly along the bumpy coun­try road for sev­eral miles.

I am her lucky pas­sen­ger.

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My New, Improved Version of Chicken Marbella — and a Killer Side Dish of Fried Onions

When famous Amer­i­can chef/restaurateur Thomas Keller was in Toronto last year to address an audi­to­rium packed with chefs, food­ies and other ardent fans, he listed what he con­sid­ers the keys to suc­cess in cook­ing: “Patience, per­sis­tence, practice.”

These three ‘P’s, it seems to me, go together. To per­sist, you need patience. It’s a case of con­stantly tweak­ing a dish — and prac­tis­ing it over and over again — until it’s close to per­fect.

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Revisiting a Mother’s Day Tribute to my Mum as She Approaches her 91st Birthday

ruth reaching out smaller

This appeared as my col­umn “Dish” in the Toronto Star in 2002.

Today is Mother’s Day and this is a trib­ute to the per­son who first inspired my love of food and cook­ing – my mum.

I call her “mum” because of the for­ma­tive years – from age four to 19 – I spent liv­ing with my par­ents and two broth­ers in Lon­don, Eng­land.

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I Finally Bake the Ultimate Banana Bread: Freezing the Bananas is my Nifty Trick

ultimate banana bread

Bananas are not my favourite fruit. That is, eaten raw.

The win­dow of oppor­tu­nity for eat­ing a raw banana that’s just at the right moment of ripeness — smooth yet ever so slightly al dente in tex­ture with the hint of sweet­ness and a slightly sour under-taste — is so nar­row that I’ve pretty well given up.

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Joanne Yolles and I Get to the Core of the Matter and Bake the Ultimate Tarte Tatin

joanne yolles and tarte tatin

listen-to-the-podcastThis appeared in my col­umn “Dish” in the Toronto Star in 2004. 

I baked my first Tarte Tatin late last fall.

I had come across the recipe in Kitchen Wis­dom (Knopf, $29.95), Julia Child’s lat­est cook­book and a nifty, com­pact col­lec­tion of her favourite recipes.

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Cheesecake: My Entree into Cooking and an Omen of my Culinary Career to Come

cheesecake composite

Minchen­den School Reunion, North Lon­don, in 1999: My friends Julie Ward Dun­can and Frances Carter with our teacher Frankie Sta­bler and my famous cheesecake

Occa­sion­ally called “a vet­eran” and, more attrac­tively, “a sea­soned mem­ber” of Canada’s food media, I’ve been around for a while wax­ing elo­quent about my con­sum­ing pas­sion: food.

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Delectable Butter Tarts from Wilkie’s in Cottage Country Take the Cake

Orillia’s Famous But­ter Tart Bakery

I’ve been mean­ing to make the trip to Oril­lia — a place you can’t miss about an hour’s drive north of Toronto en route to Muskoka’s cot­tage coun­try — for many years.

The rea­son, of course, is food — in this case, one of my absolute favourites: but­ter tarts.

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